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YouTube growth with your own world-class content team.

Access the strategies and talent powering the biggest creators and achieve your YouTube goals, faster.

Making it big on Youtube

is tougher than you think.

We do it for you. No more struggling to grow on YouTube.

Work with our expert YouTube strategists, writers, editors, and producers to create content that transforms your channel.

No managing a team of freelancers or spending countless hours trying to master all the skillsets YouTube requires - all you need is HeyFriends!

No more worrying about

We’re the personal, world-class YouTube team you've been dreaming about. No big budgets required.

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Strategy & Producing

So many niches to choose from, so little time. How do you stand out? Only 2.5% of YouTubers ever hit 1,000 subscribers. Our expert strategists put the odds in your favor and make your channel standout in a sea of noise.

Concepts & Scripting

It takes ages to generate ideas, research them, and create compelling scripts. Not anymore. HeyFriends! is an idea generation machine with top-notch writers to boot.

Video Editing
& Animation

It takes 10+ hours to edit a video. Sometimes entire days if you want to get fancy. We've built a world-class team of editors & animators that do it all for you. All you have to do is press record.

Thumbnail Design
+ Optimization

You know how important your thumbnails are but it's so hard to get them right! Not for us. We'll create the perfect thumbnails and optimize old ones as part of our Perfect Packaging process.

We’ve taught
"I think the content is super helpful, especially for a beginner to really get an idea of the YouTube landscape and how everything works. Secondly, the amazing community of creators was something I never expected and has actually been the most valuable takeaway for me."
Izzy Sealey
Med student & YouTuber
269k Subscribers
Hear from our PTYA customers
over 3,000 creators how to
"I would absolutely recommend PTYA to anybody who wishes to start on their YouTube or content creation journey. It’s brilliant to be amongst like-minded people, it’s so awesome to be connected with people across the world […] and to then identify your own path. It’s wonderful that this programme continues to thrive."
Ankur Warikoo
Author & YouTuber
2.75M Subscribers
grow on YouTube.
"I would recommend PTYA to anyone who’s thinking about starting a YouTube channel and who knows they’re going to be able to take it seriously. I do think PTYA is the best course I’ve seen on the topic."
John Coogan
Founder & YouTuber
274k Subscribers

Now we can do it for you.

powering our approach:

Niche Discovery Framework
Our Niche Discovery Framework helps us figure out your niche and what to make videos about, so you’re not wasting time creating content that’s unlikely to work for you in the long term.
Perfect Packaging Process
Our Perfect Packaging Process is a step-by-step framework for creating compelling titles and thumbnails quickly and efficiently.
HIVES Framework
HIVES Framework helps us structure and script your videos so that you’re not wasting your time trying to reinvent the wheel every time you make a video.
Infinite Content Engine
We’ll create an Infinite Content Engine, with the next 3-6 months of content planned out, so you can sustain your video output and create the consistency required to grow.
Idea Generation Machine
We’ll build you an Idea Generation Machine that’ll generate ideas, and tell you which video ideas have a higher chance of going viral and growing your channel.

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Get a full-time editor & thumbnails

Get full-time access to our editors for 40 hours per week. One video request at a time. Includes thumbnail design for each video we edit.
Full-time YouTube Editor
Thumbnails for Edited Video
Expert YouTube Producer
Slack Access
No Contracts
Pause or Cancel Anytime
Additional services available à la carte.
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Get up to 6 videos per month

Work with our entire YouTube team to create up to 6 videos per month. Go from idea generation, to support with your script, to editing, and then packaging.
Dedicated Video Editor
Script Support
Perfect Packaging Process
Thumbnail Design
Expert YouTube Producer
Pause or Cancel Anytime
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The Studio

Starts at $14,000/mo

Get your own YouTube team

No gimmicks here. We'll build you an entire YouTube team that's expertly managed by us. This is the ultimate "done for you" service available for YouTube.
Youtube Growth Strategy
Weekly Consulting Calls
Full-time Video Editors
Script Writing
Perfect Packaging Process
Thumbnail Design
24/7 Support
Expert YouTube Producer
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It starts with strategy.
We dive headfirst into your brand, content, and goals. Our team will dig up all the “competing” channels and see what videos have been working for them. This helps us understand how to make your channel uniquely yours.
We create concepts and then scripts. If you need them.
We generate endless content ideas based on your channel strategy. We work with you to narrow down to the ideas that will perform the best and create scripts for your voice & tone.
You film. We edit. It's magic.
All you have to do is press record. We take the video and turn it into the perfectly paced, edited, and animated YouTube video. This is what we’re best at.
Then it’s Perfectly Packaged and ready for publishing.
We design the perfect thumbnail, write an SEO-rich description, create all the right cards and end screen, and all the meta data the YouTube engine desires. Perfectly Packaged and Published!

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